Jennifer Lawrence channeled her inner goth girl this week, sporting darker, straighter locks, which she paired with the "right now" Bordeaux lip look.

It was, in a word, sexified.

The look is a stark contrast to her usual California Girl blonde waves and natural, barely-there makeup. She can pull it off, though, since she hit the genetic jackpot and was blessed with a skin tone that can handle light or dark hair.

While we love the high-fashion styling of her shiny stick-straight strands, we do have to point out she overdid it with the conditioner, leaving her hair resembling the oily floor of an auto repair shop.

Wait wait, we take that back. This is Katniss Everdeen, Professional Badass we're talking about here. She could kick our butts for saying such things.

Looking good, Jen! Love ya, mean it! (Please don't hit us.)