Remember how Jenelle Evans was arrested for having a bunch of heroin on her? She swears it wasn't hers. Because people who use heroin are usually really open and honest about it.

For those luckily in the dark about the 'Teen Mom' starlet's ordeal, she got arrested on April 23 for assaulting her husband and, uh, having a bunch of heroin around.

Evans also had Percocets handy, because what's a party without Percs?

(Evans' husband, Courtland Rogers, was also arrested for heroin possession with intent to manufacture, sell and distribute.)

But Evans swears she had no idea there was heroin around at all. Her attorney, Dustin Roberts, told TMZ she plans on fighting the charges and beating her rap.

In terms of the assault, in which she's accused of using a piece of furniture to attack Rogers, Evans insists that it was all self-defense on her part.

Does this sound a lot like a retaliatory chair hurling on 'Jerry Springer' to anyone else? (The girl does love being on TV. C'mon, Jer -- make this happen. Then she can follow with a visit to 'Dr. Phil.')