In a move unsurprisingly orchestrated by internet denizens, a 39-year-old man is well on his way to winning a contest in which he'd get to meet Taylor Swift -- and smell her hair.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Because internet.

Boston's Kiss108FM is holding the contest, which allows your friends to vote for you to meet Swift and take a photo with her.

After entering, Charles Z's buddy took to 4Chan (if you haven't been there, you probably shouldn't go) to ask people to vote for Charles, referring to him as "my creepy 39-year-old friend."

The scheme then spread to Reddit, where the remainder of the internet stepped in to help.

You can read the entire plea to your left, which includes the incentive that Charles will "make a complete ass of himself" for your amusement. Also, you will be helping "a fat old guy creep on Taylor Swift IRL and troll a bunch of whiny teeny boppers." Win!

Charles is currently in 1st place, and one day closer to sniffing Taylor Swift's sweet, luxurious hair. Assuming of course the radio station actually lets this guy win and doesn't file a restraining order first.

You can check out the current leaderboard below, where one of these things is not like the others.