Taylor Swift's followup to 'Red' might be 'Blue' if Harry Styles has anything to do with it. The hopelessly (and we do mean hopelessly) romantic Swift is pretty much picking out flatware while Hazza is probably just really happy he doesn't have any bunnies for her to boil.

Star (via Hollywood Life) reports that Swift, 22, is already thinking of marrying Styles, 18. (Yeah, we know it's Star, so take this with just the tiniest grain of salt. It's also Taylor Swift, so it could very well be true.)

“She’s obsessed with Harry," a source dished to the tab. "She’s already talking about marriage and babies."

Is she insane? It's extra creepy to rob the cradle just to fill a new one. It's also a little disturbing when you realize she's essentially a high school sophomore on the inside where it can't be changed.

But wait! There's more.

“She’s planning a romantic Christmas vacation, just the two of them, and has taken him home to meet her mom!" the source added. "She’s gone off the rails.”

The fact that Swift may have been off the rails for a while is debatable, but all of this probably will come as news to poor Styles. Despite Mario Lopez being rather loose lipped about the pair hanging out on the 'X Factor' set, Styles has maintained that he's single. Whether or not he's actually on the market right this second ... he may well be soon.

Styles is reportedly really "creeped out" by Swift's aggression, and his bandmates in One Direction are pretty concerned. “They’re really worried there will be a serious backlash if the relationship tanks,” the source said.

Considering Swift has made it known that guys she dates are all fair game for songwriting material -- she even hints to their identities in her liner notes -- it's not like Styles didn't know what he was getting into. Still, the backlash may be against Swift, not the British heartthrob.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer is quickly transforming from America's sweetheart to America's psycho ex-girlfriend.