George Lucas married his long time girlfriend Mellody Hobson on June 22 -- and as far as we know, there were no wookies, ewoks or wookoks in attendance. But more than a few celebrities did show up.

The locale for the star-studded event was initially rumored to be Chicago, but it instead happened just outside San Francisco at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, Calif.

The couple, together since 2006, were engaged in January and tied the knot this weekend, with journalist Bill Moyers (who was once a Baptist minister) serving as officiant in what many said was an incredibly moving ceremony. Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, who's known Mellody since she was a teenager, gave the bride away, while director Francis Ford Coppola read a poem by Maya Angelou.

George's longtime pal and collaborator, Steven Spielberg, later gave a toast, joking that The Force had at last been given a name: Mellody.

If that's not enough star power for you, the evening's musical performers included Van Morrison (who flew in from Ireland) and Janelle Monae. Guests and well-wishers included director Ron Howard and actor Samuel L. Jackson, who both tweeted their joy at the nuptials.