Dear Taylor Swift,

Hailie Scott Mathers here. You may know me better as Eminem's daughter. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to STOP BEING SUCH A WHORE!

Hugs and kisses,

Yet another Twitter fiasco erupted (because this is how humanity operates these days) when the now semi-grown-up daughter of rapper Eminem tweeted about the relationship between One Direction member Harry Styles and serial-dater Taylor Swift, throwing in her own two-cents about what the 'Troubled' singer should and shouldn't do with her whorish self.


Sounds like someone is upset that Taylor scored Harry and his hair before she had the chance to.

Don't worry, Hailie. This supposed couple does really lame PR-related things like going to the zoo, not touching each other and thinking about stealing other people's children. So you're not missing out on much.

Hailie later apologized, saying her vicious tweets were a joke and that no one should take her silly teenage girl ramblings seriously.

"Wow. I didnt mean for people to react to my tweet in the way that they have it was just a bit of fun! Sorry @taylorswift13 for my immaturity."

She later added, "I believe I'm entitled to my own opinion, but that got out of control. I don't understand why there are 'news' articles written about it!"

No word yet from Em on how severely Hailie will be punished for actually listening to boy bands, but part of her penance may have been losing her Twitter account -- because the page is now gone.

UPDATED: Seems the chick with the beef against Taylor was a Hailie Mathers impostor. On Wednesday night, Eminem's rep told E! News it wasn't the rapper's daughter behind the account after all. So what this means is you don't even have to impersonate actual celebrities on Twitter anymore to make the news -- pretending to be one of their relatives works just as well.