Singer/songwriter/actress/Kurt Cobain's widow/that drunk lady on Twitter, Courtney Love, stars in electronic cigarette company NJOY's first web series video -- and if you ask us, it's all kinds of fabulous.

The clip features Love in a swanky ballroom enjoying (or rather, NJOY'ing) an e-cig when she's approached by a dour-faced woman wearing more jewels than the Queen of England.

After being told she can't smoke inside, Love responds with the “oh please let them keep this as their tagline” response: “Relax, it's a f---ing NJOY.”

The company describes the video as a “playful parody webisode ... inspired by a real-life experience of Courtney's, ultimately showing that smokers now have a choice to take a 'puff' indoors.”

Much as we love it, we hope they didn't pay her too much for this. She's known for telling people to eff off for free.