Country's finest were out and about at the 46th Annual CMA Awards on Thursday night. And while there were lots of great fashion choices, there were also some not-so-smart ones.

Several stars that usually look terrific and score wins with their clothes at awards shows and red carpet events missed the mark entirely. Too tight. Too loose. Too loud. And just plain blah. That's describes this group. Their missteps are compiled here in our list of Worst Dressed at the 2012 CMA Awards.

Faith Hill

She looked hot in black leather leggings and heels while performing during the broadcast, but her red carpet dress -- a straight, shapeless piece of black fabric with white cap sleeves -- was blah-z blah. Boring. Just bad. Faith, come on. You can do better than this. Burn this dress when you get home. And yell at whomever told you it looked good. Because it so didn't.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Reba McEntire

We love Reba and her flame-hued locks. But the short sapphire sequined mini she donned is very '90s -- and not in a stylish or ironic way. While the bold color matched that of her coif, it was just not modern or hip. Reba is still sexy at 57, and we've seen her rock black nail polish and thigh-high boots in recent years, so a stylist could have helped her pick out something more contemporary and flattering. Her figure is to die for, but this dated dress does nada for it.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Miranda Lambert

Miranda is a stunner, and she proves that full-figured gals can wear gorgeous gowns. We love everything about this dress, but we can hardly focus on the softness of color, the bandage wrap bodice or the delicate pleating in the skirt -- because we're too focused on what's busting out at the top. In fact, it's ALL we can focus on. Miranda would've benefited from something more, shall we say, "supportive."

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Karen Fairchild

The Little Big Town songstress is pretty and fit, so why in the world did she cover up her figure with this potato sack? The draping and fit are off, and the rich gold hue is the only thing that works since it's a nice compliment to her brown locks. However, the dress -- and that's a generous term for this swath of fabric -- hangs on her frame, earning her a spot on this list. If it clung to her curves, maybe she'd have looked like a golden Greek goddess instead of an attractive woman trapped in a gilded sack.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Jake Owen

The shaggy locks make him hot, but we don't dig the ill-fitting leopard print blazer. We get that he's going for out-of-the-box and off the beaten path, but he looks like he rolled out of bed and grabbed his lady's "girl's night out" jacket and threw it on over the clothes he slept in. There is nothing chic about it -- not the tailoring, not the fit, not the cut, and certainly not the fabric. Bad choice.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images