Country music's biggest stars were out and about Thursday night at the 46th Annual CMA Awards. Country music performers are often known for their big hair and their short hemlines, their 10-gallon hats and their crap-kicker boots, and their blue jeans and their T-shirts -- but county music's elite cleaned up extra nice for this event, y'all.

Here are our choices for the best dressed of the night. Full disclosure: We admit, it was tough. There were so many gorgeous country artists in the crowd and on the red carpet that choosing five faves was quite a task.

Carrie Underwood

The 'Blown Away' singer and show co-host had multiple outfit changes throughout the broadcast, but her red carpet gown was our fave. She looks like a Greek goddess in the white gown with gold leaf trim. The peek-a-boo bodice showed just enough skin, and left just the right amount to the imagination. Our only complaint? Underwood and her frock would have benefited from an updo. Her side pony's big, country curls compete with the detailing on the shoulders. But other than that, it's va-va-voom.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Hayden Panettiere

The star of the new series 'Nashville,' which follows two country singers at different points in their careers, wore an adorable (and sparkly) fringe-skirted white dress with a short hem and square neckline, which is not often seen and very flattering for smaller-chested ladies.

The white hue popped against her sun-kissed skin, and we love that she dared to accessorize with teal in the form of strappy heels and a clutch. The pop of color was unexpected and that's why her outfit stood out so much to us. It's also why she made this list.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Hunter Hayes

The blond cutie almost didn't make the list based on his shoes. For a minute, we were like, "Converse? With a snappy grey suit?" But then we rethought our position. That pairing often happens at rock shows, and we applaud that he opted not to wear the expected cowboy boots or pointy-toed dress shoes. Plus, he's 21 and his footwear choice shows his youth. At least he had the sense to wear leather sneakers, upping their fashion ante.

From the ankles up, we love his look. Then again, the sneaks do impart a casual, youthful cool, especially since his black shirt is unbuttoned. Both elements adds an edge.

Okay, we'll quit arguing with ourselves. Thumbs up.

Erika Goldring, Getty Images

Taylor Swift

The reigning champion of style hit-or-miss scored a hit here. The blood red and blush fabric of her dress worked with her gorgeous lipstick, and the length of this curve-hugging gown also played up the singer's height. It was classic without being dowdy (the latter of which she is all too familiar), and a pretty look for a gorgeous girl who's model-tall.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Hillary Scott

The Lady Antebellum singer is a curvy, plus-sized stunner. Her dress certainly wasn't black-tie style nor was it flashy, but it had such subtle sexiness, thanks to the lacy bust and sparkly front panel of the frock. It fit her like a corset and was flattering at every turn. Awards show red carpets are often ostentatious, but Scott eschewed being too fancy, too frilly and too fussy by going with basic black paired with jeweled black heels. Perfect.

Jason Kempin