Laurence Pieau, editor of the French magazine Closer, which practically broke the internet by publishing topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, said she stands by the decision.

With a heavy French accent, Pieau reiterates the whole "big deal, they're boobs" statement she made earlier on Friday, but likely felt the need to respond since Kate and William have called upon their considerable resources and filed suit against Closer for breach of privacy.

In the video above, Pieau adds the magazines and newspapers that published photos of Prince Harry partying (and buying the hype that everything that happens in Vegas actually stays there) were "hypocritical" to now give her such a hard time about printing nudie photos of Kate Middleton.

Pieau also said that her magazine "had more intimate shots from the same series that it opted not to publish," something we're sure will make everyone at Buckingham Palace breathe a sigh of relief and laud her sense of decency and maybe invite her over for a spot of tea, which everyone will pretend to enjoy before the Queen snaps and shoves her off a balcony anyway.