Dina Eastwood, wife of acclaimed actor, chair talker and director Clint Eastwood, has checked herself into a rehab facility to help battle "depression and anxiety."

TMZ reports that Mrs. Eastwood, 47, is staying at an exclusive facility in Arizona, but is not being treated for substance abuse.

Clint has been known to make the day of administrators who run facilities like this, donating money to a hospital in Monterey, Ca. on the reg.

He and Dina have been wed for 17 years -- no easy feat in Hollywood, especially since there's a four-decade age gap between them -- and she stars with daughter Morgan and step-daughter Francesca in the E! reality show 'Mrs. Eastwood & Company.'

But it seems the Eastwood marriage may not be as solid as the length of the union otherwise implies. The Daily Mail reports the couple hasn't been photographed together since 2011, and that "the two were seen embroiled in an argument at his daughter Alisons’s wedding in March" of this year.