The upcoming video game 'Battlefield 4' isn't coming out until the end of the year, but somehow actor Matt LeBlanc managed to score a cameo in the game. Or rather, whomever designed his lookalike character in the game had clearly been marathoning 'Friends.'

LeBlanc is best known for playing the dim but sweet Joey Tribbiani on the hit sitcom 'Friends,' even scoring his own short-lived spin-off series when the beloved show went off the air. He can currently be found on the Showtime series 'Episodes,' where his work garnered him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Comedy last year.

Apparently, Matt LeBlanc's digital twin can also be found as some soldier or other in the game 'Battlefield 4,' a first-person shooter game. Give the dude some royalties, Electronic Arts, because damn. You basically stole the man's face.