Jared Padelecki, half of the demon-hunting duo on 'Supernatural,' and Flynn Rider, the fighter-turned-lover in the adorable Disney film 'Tangled,' know how to get their smolder on. As Tyra Banks would say, it's all in the smize.

For some reason the cast members of the CW show 'Supernatural' love imitating Ben Stiller's "blue steel" from his supermodel movie 'Zoolander,' so it came as no surprise that eventually people would start saying actor Jared Padelecki's character Sam Winchester and his hair bear a resemblance to the thieving Flynn Rider.

Speaking of Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi), the CGI character knows how to use his dashingly good looks to get what he wants. Hence his attempt to escape from Rapunzel's clutches using only the powers of his face.