Fourscore and seven years ago, President Abraham Lincoln faked his own death, hopped in a time machine, traveled to the future, took on the moniker Bill Nye the Science Guy and taught kids about the wonders of science. Because if anyone were to successfully figure out time travel, it would be that dude.

Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, is perhaps the most famous man to ever hold office (behind Bill Pullman, of course). Not only did he help abolish slavery, but if some accounts are to be believed, he also hunted down vampires with his mighty log cabin-making axe -- and he landed Daniel Day-Lewis to play him in a biopic.

Bill "the Science Guy" Nye is the popular nerd who taught the children of the '90s that science is way cool. He also has the distinction of looking like an un-bearded Abraham Lincoln, which must make him a real hit at parties.

Happy Presidents' Day!