10 Best Celebrity Hotel Aliases
Celebrities (usually) love being famous, but most would rather travel incognito. So when they check in to hotels, they frequently use weird or funny names. Oh, they could always just use an assistant or another lackey's name -- but what fun would that be?
Here are the monikers stars have used before,…
The Best Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts
Celebrity Twitters run the range from funny to self-promoting to just plain boring, but fake celebrity Twitter accounts? Now that's where the real fun is.
Within this list are the most hilarious parody accounts -- or at least the ones that are still in existence. Trust us, these hilarious copies are …
10 Super Sweet Celebrity Mullets
Generally, the mullet is frowned upon. It’s the raisins in the Halloween bag of hairdos. But we don’t know why. A mullet, if done well on the right head, can be a very enticing ‘do indeed. A person can have a short cut while leaving something flowy for someone special to run the…
The Best Celebrity Fan Art
Celebrity fan art. Let's be honest, most of the time it's painfully awful. But sometimes, sometimes it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unless it's of Nic Cage, then it seems to be physically impossible to make good fan art.
Celebrities Slapped With Restraining Orders
Lots of people were surprised when quirky White Stripes singer Jack White recently wound up with a restraining order against him -- but as celebrities go, he's far from alone. While the norm is for the famous to file protective orders against stalkers or other human irritants, everyone from Jenna Ja…
Stars Who Used to Be Homeless
We've given you stars who were already born with silver spoons in their mouths, so we thought we'd change things up and give you some stars who rose from adversity to be the power houses they are today.
Within this list you will find actresses and actors who were begging for someone to give…
Craziest Celebrity Stalkers
Celebrity: with it comes fame, fortune, oodles of cash and an obsessed fan or two who want nothing more than to make your skin into a suit and to wear it around their home.
Then + Now: The Cast of ‘Roswell’
In 1999, the WB (now known as the CW) premiered a little show called 'Roswell.' Based on the popular Young Adult books of the same name, the show followed a trio of teens who befriend another group of teens, but their new friends turn out to be aliens. It's a teen drama series with a sci-fi twist!
10 Surprisingly Tall Celebrity Women
We're constantly barraged with photos of female celebrities, and we have to listen to tabloids and TV show hosts babble on about how much they weigh -- or don’t weigh -- but photos alone rarely tell us much about their height.
Of course, we knew these celebrity women were probabl…
Then + Now: The Cast of ‘My-So Called Life’
Few shows spoke to teens of the '90s like 'My So-Called Life,' the story of angsty Angela Chase, who had to juggle typical high school woes like studying, friendships, and a gut-wrenching crush on the cutest boy in school. Let's take a look back at the cast of this tragically sho…
Then + Now: The Cast of ‘The Facts of Life’
You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have ... 'The Facts of Life,' obviously.
One of our favorite shows of the '80s followed the Eastland boarding school for girls, Mrs. Edna Garrett, and the many life lessons she taught her students over the course of nine wonderful…
Then + Now: The Cast of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′
Just the mere mention of '90s primetime soap 'Beverly Hills, 90210' will get that infectious theme song stuck in your head. Dylan, Brenda, Kelly, Brandon and the rest of the original cast -- where are all of the actors who played them now?
Totally Rad ’80s Celebrity Hair Everyone Wanted
The '80s were a strange time for hair -- to rebel against the plainness of the '70s styles, bigger was apparently better. In many cases, if your bangs didn’t double the size of your head, you might as well just stay home.
Celebs both male and female set the trends, and then our hair dryers, hot rolle…

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