To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Cap'n Crunch cereal has been celebrating with the launch of a "late night talk show" wherein the Captain himself (who is totally a real Captain, you guys) pretends he's human and not a cartoon character.

Last night he interviewed Burt Reynolds. Because when we think Cap'n Crunch, we think Burt Reynolds. (Except we don't, because we're too busy thinking of Jay-Z.)

During their chat, a cartoon representation of the 77-year-old former heartthrob (who looks great for a cartoon old dude, by the way) spends his time being convinced by the Captain that they were college besties. All while sitting in a giant bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal.

Said Reynolds in an official statement, "Horatio and I go way back. We practically started the mustache boom of the late '60s. I'm proud to stand by him today."

Sometimes there just are no words.