Hey, guess what? Ariel Winter is now under judge-mandated guardianship by her sister Shanelle Workman.

Hey, guess also what? This whole thing is really starting to grate our nerves.

The 14-year-old 'Modern Family' actress has been a constant face in the news these past few weeks as all the court and legal drama unfolded amidst allegations that she was abused by her mother Chrystal Workman.

Chrystal denied those claims, saying Ariel threatened her because she kicked out her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend for straying too far into Ariel's no-fly zone.

Meanwhile, everyone and their mother (including her mother) have been fighting for custody of the SAG Award winning actress, including her father, who suddenly decided to put their long estrangement behind them and get a little time in the spotlight.

But the judge ruled against his custody efforts, saying, "I have questions about the nature and strength of the relationship."

Instead, the custody jackpot was awarded to Shanelle, at least for the time being. Another hearing could be set to determine permanent guardianship, but the judge recommended that Arial's sister was the best option among many.

Upon leaving court, Chrystal told reporters, "I love my daughter and I just want our family to be back together."

We predict an awkward holiday season in the various Workman/Winter households this year.