As you've probably heard by now, everyone's favorite hot mess Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night for pot possession and winging a foot-long glass bong out of her 36th-floor apartment window. (She now says the bong was a vase, but that's kinda like saying the pot was oregano.)

Anyway, legal issues aside, Amanda's hair has taken center stage since the debacle started last night. Even her mugshots show two radically different looks.

A while back, she claimed she had to shave her head thanks to a bad dye job, and since then she's had a myriad of extensions (or a combo of a shaved head and extensions).

Guess none of that worked, because she still has super-short hair and is apparently so unhappy about it that she's taken to wearing a ratty platinum blonde wig.

In the video above, you'll see her looking fairly comical at her Friday morning court appearance. Below, we have a selection of photos of her rocking that same wig over the past couple days (including in one of her dual mugshots).

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