Major bummer alert. Justin Timberlake was really bad in plaid at the 2013 SAG Awards. The actor/singer, who's on the musical comeback trail with 'Suit & Tie,' is usually a red carpet winner and has enviable dude style, but tonight? His outfit was a serious "don't."

Did his new wife Jessica Biel take an oath of silence when it came to fashion choices as part of their wedding vows? Because seriously, Mrs. T, how could you let your man make a red carpet appearance in this suit? He looks like a Wall Street trader who is trying too hard to "stand out" among all the other "suit and tie guys."

His suit and mismatched shirt are loud, busy and not stylish. Did he raid a country club's golf closet? Head-to-toe plaid is never high fashion, not even on a gentleman as good-looking and talented as he is.

However, Timberlake does look fly with a blown-back coif, though. We're used to his curls, but this was a dapper look for JT.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images